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August 12, 2003

White House for Sale

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Who Gets Stimulated?

Featured Action:   Say No To Class Warfare!

The economy is suffering, millions are out of work, and George Bush wants to hand over hundreds of billions of dollars in PERMANENT TAX CUTS for those who need it least. This long-term giveaway even shortchanges short-term job growth.

Sign the petition for fair taxes for all, and help keep pressure on our elected officials to enact responsible economic legislation.
Getting Past Groundhog Day

Remember that wonderful Bill Murray movie, where he is forced to re-live the same day over and over again? Well, who among us who works in “progressive politics” doesn’t share that uneasy feeling…in meeting after meeting.

Beginning with this article Junction City will offer a look at replicable best practices for crawling forward. Because we need to do more than “collaborate” -- we need to build collaborations that last. more

Chapter One: The Progressive Wisconsin Story

Chapter Two: New Engagement Strategies to Reach 100 Million Non-Voters

Chapter Three: Kumbaya, Dammit--and Nine More Strategies for a Smarter Left

It's a county fair with guts.
A revival with a reason.
A concert with a consiousness.
A festival with funk and function.
With a six-pack of events under its belt, the Rolling Thunder Down-Home Democracy Tour (RTD2) is doing a little maintenance and is starting to gas-up for 2003. Check out where RTD2's been and how it's still keeping up the jam in 6 cities -- via Rolling Thunder's brand-spanking new Community Central zone.

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Progressive Majority

We've got new leaders...
you just don't know them yet.

Meet the Progressives

Since 1985, Patagonia has donated 10 percent of their annual profits to hundreds of grassroots environmental groups. Plus they make some pretty cool gear.
Good stuff, Sweat free. Learn about an exciting new concept:
We'll keep you posted on the latest campaigns and let you know about the good people and good groups who are making waves and making a difference.

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