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The motto of Junction City is simple: we want to offer folks a chance to get out of the middle -- and get busy.

That doesn't mean that taking action can't be a little fun -- maybe even a bit lucrative. By racking up what we call Power Points, you can become eligible for fabulous prizes from generous donors.

In short, the more good stuff you do -- the more good stuff you could win.

Featured Action: Get a spine

Bush tax cuts will drain nearly $9 trillion from federal coffers in the next 20 years. Democrats need to stand tall for fiscal sanity and fairness –...


Looking for other causes to raise your voice on? Try some of these other campaigns.
» No More Enrons Coalition
Check out and support the rapidly growing alliance of Americans committed to fighting corporate abuse and promoting the interests of working families.
» Back Off John
Tell Attorney General John Ashcroft to stop meddling with Oregon's Death With Dignity Law.
» Oceans At Risk
Tell President Bush to enforce existing federal laws designed to stop the senseless destruction of ocean life caused by wasteful fishing.
» Clean School Buses
Over 440,000 school buses are aging diesel vehicles built to outmoded health and safety standards. Help replace these school buses with clean, safe alternatives.
» Save Redrock Wilderness
Urge your representatives to support Redrock Wilderness Act to protect the redrock canyons of Utah and their sandstone arches.


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