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Moving Ideas is a great resource for journalists, activists, students and citizens to keep up with public policy and politics.

It's great source of the best ideas and resources from leading progressive research and advocacy institutions, as well as high-quality websites and original content.

Moving Ideas hopes to strengthen democratic participation by providing a more inclusive and intelligible debate about the issues that shape our world.
Substance your thing? You've found the right place. Use this section to get connected to the facts to make your case - from national policy to local debates.

Starting Gate

Awesome economic links

Facts on the federal budget

State issues and legislation

High road economic, metro politics & more

EPN's Idea Central

Tips and Leads From Tom Paine

Campaign for America's Future

Issue Focus: Community Power:

As you read this, new alliances are forming across the country - relationship-based campaigns that transcend class, race, organizational, regional and traditional party lines.  Find out more...

Open Policy Development Forums

You can join open development strategy groups now by check in here.


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