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Environmental Law Alliance (E-Law)

Bern Johnson - Executive Director
1877 Garden Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97403

Bern Johnson leads the U.S. office of E-LAW, helping lawyers around the world protect the environment through law. His work to defend the environment has taken him to Mexico, Siberia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya and Tanzania.

Bern provides administrative, programmatic and organizational leadership to E-LAW. Bern was E-LAW's Staff Attorney for two years before assuming the position of Executive Director in June 1993. Along with Staff Attorney Jennifer Gleason, he co-authored a law review article, "Environmental Law Across Borders," Volume 10 of the University of Oregon's Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation. Prior to attending law school, Bern worked on environmental issues in the U.S. Congress as a Legislative Assistant in Washington, D.C. He was President of the Environmental Law Society at Harvard Law School, where he graduated cum laude. His previous legal experience was with the firm of Culp, Guterson and Grader in Seattle, Washington. Bern and his wife Hillary are active in protecting Eugene's local environment and citizens' right to know about toxics in the community. They are avid fly-fishers and bicyclists, and proud parents of two daughters, Harper and Tatum.

Bern has written and spoken widely on protecting the environment through law. He was awarded a Ford Foundation fellowship for the study of international environmental law and was named a Wasserstein Public Interest Fellow by Harvard Law School.


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