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Proyecto Azteca

Jesus Limon - Executive Director
P.O. Box 1014
San Juan, TX 78589

Proyecto Azteca is a housing and community movement founded in 1991 by members of the United Farm Workers to aid low-income American farm workers and their families by helping them build quality affordable homes. For many years, Mexican families who immigrated to the Rio Grande Valley area along the Texas-Mexico border in pursuit of better economic opportunities have been settling into colonias. These unincorporated makeshift communities of shacks often lacked the most basic utilities such as electricity and running water. Poor immigrant families were also victims of unscrupulous land developers, who sold them parcels of flood-prone, non-productive agricultural land. Proyecto Azteca initiated a program to provide safe and comfortable housing for the families of farm workers living in colonias.

Founded on the principles of self-help, sweat-equity, and grass-roots activism, it provides inexpensive tools, materials, and construction supervision to teams of qualifying families who work together to help build each other's homes. Proyecto Azteca also benefits farm workers by offering low-interest loans or operating on a no-interest cash basis, allowing those who don't have bank accounts, or who mistrust institutions, to finance their own housing. This endeavor has built 127 houses in the past nine years, constructed mostly by and for the farm workers of this border community.


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