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"If we want to make a change we gotta do it ourselves
and make it last this time."

~ Toshi Reagon, Singer

Each day. Every day. Countless people worldwide are rolling up their sleeves to make a positive difference in their communities. The Global Grassroots Network will celebrate these local heroes who are shaping a better world by applying community-based strategies that empower people to solve our most pressing problems. From efforts to bridge the digital divide in emerging nations to training activists in non-violence civil disobedience, local heroes are working to unleash the power of the people that lies everywhere and in everyone. Local heroes do not do it for fanfare. Some don't even do it for a paycheck. They do it out of a strong commitment to promote social harmony and celebrate diversity around the globe. We hope the Global Grassroots Network will serve as a gateway to engage visitors to become active and learn more about the cause of their choice.

Like to nominate a local hero? Send information to:


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