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Kids Can Free The Children

Craig Kileburger - Founder
Suite 300, 7368 Yonge Street Thornhill, Ontario
L4J 8H9  Canada
(905) 760-9382

Free the Children is an international network of children helping children through representation, leadership and action. Free the Children is dedicated to eliminating the exploitation of children around the world, by encouraging youth to volunteer in, as well as to create programs and activities that relieve the plight of underprivileged children. Free the Children believes that all children have the right to full intellectual, physical, emotional and social development. Included in these basic human rights are the right and the responsibility to participate in finding solutions to problems affecting them and other children around the world.

Free the Children has built more than 300 primary schools providing education daily to over 15,000 children. Support for the school building program has come from young people, youth groups, organizations and companies from all over the world. The organization has also shipped over 100,000 school and health kits to countries such as Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, Guatemala, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Haiti and India.

Craig Kielburger first became a spokesperson for children's rights when he was 12 years old. Searching for the comics in the local paper, a front-page article caught his attention. He read about a young boy from Pakistan who was sold into bondage as a carpet weaver, escaped and was murdered for speaking out against child labor. Craig gathered a group of friends and founded the organization (Kids Can) Free the Children. Seven years later, Craig, now 19 years of age, has traveled to more than 40 countries visiting street and working children and speaking out in defense of children's rights. He frequently addresses business groups, government bodies, educators, unions and students around the world. He has advocated on behalf of children in meetings with political and religious leaders including Prime Ministers and Presidents, CEOs of major corporations, Pope John Paul II, the Dalai Lama, Queen Elizabeth II and the late Mother Teresa. Craig's work has been featured on major television programs in North and South America and Europe, including CNN, the Oprah Winfrey Show and 60 Minutes.


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