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Mango Safari

Casey Gamba & Teresa Isabelle

While many people daydream about quitting the rat race and taking a year to see the world, few people have the courage to actually do it. For those who do, the adventure usually ends with a return to the daily grind. Not Casey Gamba and Teresa Isabelle - their around the world travels ended up in creating an entirely new lifestyle: Mango African Safaris. After graduating from the University of Oregon in 1994, Teresa started a career as an Advertising Executive and Casey in Italian wine sales. Dissatisfied with their careers, they quit their jobs, moved out of their house, broke up with their boyfriends, and set out with their backpacks to travel the world.

It didn't take long for them to see that the aspects they loved from the student budget safari and the luxury safari need not be mutually exclusive. Teresa and Casey quickly learned the business, developing their own unique ideas about how to maximize one's experience of Africa. And thus Mango African Safaris was born.

Teresa: "I would say that one of the more unique things about Mango is that we have a community project on each of our trips, so that part of the fee that our clients pay to go on safari with us is a donation. And we work with the head masters of the local schools in every place that we go, so that we give back. This year we're giving electricity to a small school in Zimbabwe or if it's books or desks or something├ľOur clients feel that they're doing something for Africa beyond checking it our or experiencing it or passing through."


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