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Roots of Peace

48 Fernwood Way
San Rafael, CA 94901
1-888-ROOTS-31 (1-888-766-8731)

Roots of Peace were founded in 1997 with a clear mission - to rid the world of landmines by transforming toxic minefields into thriving farmland. Its vision of turning 'Mines into Vines' seeks to restore the promise of hope and prosperity to afflicted communities throughout the world. Founder Heidi K¸hn became gravely aware of the landmine crisis upon the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997. Motivated by her own appreciation for the gift of life and the Princess's compassion and commitment to global demining, K¸hn began Roots of Peace in honor of Diana's memory and to ensure that her work would continue.

The roots of our organization are in the heart of California's wine country. We are committed to the vintner's legacy of respect for the earth and its power to give and sustain life. With the generous support of the entire California wine industry, along with many other public and private organizations, Roots of Peace is beginning to make progress toward realizing our goal of turning "Mines into Vines." In the spring of 2000 Roots of Peace completed its first "Mines to Vines" initiative by successfully demining hundreds of acres of land in war-torn Croatia. We replanted the grapes that once flourished in the region, and are helping to restore hope to the people who live there. As K¸hn explains, "by healing the soil, we heal the soul."


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