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Unity One

Bo Taylor, Founder
4706 Lomita Street #5
Los Angeles, California 90019

Unity One was founded six years ago by Bo Taylor, with the goal of bridging the gap between all races, to help change the lives of those seeking to live past their gang experiences.

From the LA Times: "Six years ago, Bo Taylor was a member of the Westside Crips street gang, but Saturday he was the moving force behind a rally against street violence. He brought a group of African American politicians, community leaders and entertainers to the parking lot of his group's headquarters to seek renewed support for his gang-intervention program. Not all of the well-known names invited showed up at the fund-raiser for Taylor's 5-year-old brainchild, Unity One, and the 10-gallon water jug with "Donations" scrawled across it was only one quarter filled by late afternoon. Taylor, 31, has established three small Unity One community centers in the inner city, offering job placement, computer training and youth counseling."


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