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Green Advocates - Alfred Brownell

Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association - Mutuso Dhliwayo

Citizens with limited resources need help when ecosystems and their communities are threatened. Alfred Brownell (pictured) in Liberia and Mutuso Dhliwayo in Zimbabwe have recently started their nations' first public interest environmental law organizations. Green Advocates in Liberia and the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) are gearing up to help low-income communities challenge environmental injustice.

Green Advocates was formed by graduating lawyers at the University of Liberia, starting with five lawyers and quickly growing to 15. The interest of law students has been overwhelming. Their biggest need is formal training in environmental advocacy, litigation and protection. Communities need help protecting their rights to communal forests and other lands. Green Advocates wants to fill the void., seeing their role as strengthening the rule of law. This is critical in a nation where tribal lands are deeded to multinational timber concessions and rural people have no access to adequate legal representation. In the upcoming year, Green Advocates will embark on a massive public awareness campaign on the sustainable use, benefits and protection of the environment. Green Advoates will pursue several cases testing the independence of the judiciary system in Liberia and we'll continue to seek Liberia's compliance with international environmental agreements.

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